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Player One Amusement Group in Toronto has stepped up in a most impressive and generous manner - opening it's doors to the Path of Play project.

Family Game Day Makes

A Significant Move

On April 7th, 2019, Family Game Day in North America will be hosted outside of its home-base location for the first time.

Executive Director, Mike Primeau, will collaborate with Jerry Power in developing this new initiative for Path of Play.

Games, Games, and More Games!

The collection of activities for this event will be expansive, with the entire showroom running on free-play for guests.

Board games will also be present, including easy-to-learn party games again for parents.

Admittedly however, the Player One collection is expected to get a LOT of attention.

One of Stern Pinball's latest releases The Beatles, and a modern-day rendition of the classic game PONG, will be among the numerous options.

This Family Game Day event is a free for patrons, and you can still register by clicking HERE.

The Community Support Continues

In addition to the upcoming Family Game Day event, Player One Amusement Group recently hosted a tournament, coinciding with the release of Stern Pinball's newest title The Munsters.

This official IFPA gathering was directed by community member Jeff Teolis, where $150 was raised to serve the mandates of Path of Play.


Jeff is a seasoned radio personality, and hosts a fast-growing podcast called Pinball Profile.

The program celebrates the silver ball hobby, with stories and conversations shared by enthusiasts.

Thank you to Jeff and Jerry for their effort in helping Path of Play continue to grow.



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