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Updated: Feb 21, 2019


It could very well be that the contributions made by The Replay Foundation in Pittsburgh, U.S.A., is why Path of Play remains in such a healthy state today.

Not only has this entity made significant donations to the Path of Play project, they have also become a feeder system for the organisation's pinball lineup in Toronto. This allows Path of Play to continue hosting Family Game Day at its home base, and in return, executive director Mike Primeau will be producing introductory-level pinball tutorials for the PAPA media library. The following games were brought back to Toronto, and now makeup the 2018/19 lineup.

  • Indiana Jones

  • World Cup Soccer

  • Iron Man

  • The Flintstones

  • Meteor

  • Harlem Globetrotters

  • Fish Tales

Path of Play will also be using these machines to startup an extension of their Twitch channel program "The Playroom Experiment", on the Professional Amateur Pinball Association's Youtube channel. The idea is to invite new pinball players onto the show, in order to find out if even a novice player can improve their game-play quickly, when one is aware of some basic rules in the game.

For Professional Amateur Pinball Association president, Doug Polka, this partnership fits perfectly with their mandate.

"Working with Path of Play has allowed us to expand our charity's reach to promote and preserve gaming culture as a way for people to come together".

For over a year, each charity has assisted the other in filling a gap and now, The Replay Foundation is taking it one step further.

This year at Replay FX 2019, the foundation is providing Path of Play with booth space, as well as a sensory-friendly area for families. Path of Play will connect with autism therapy centres in Pittsburgh, inviting them to enjoy the convention with these supports in place. For many, pinball will be a first-time experience.

At the heart of it all is the first opportunity for Path of Play (Toronto chapter) to operate its Family Game Day event outside of its home base. It should be noted however, that this layer of the charity has previously occurred outside of Canada. This, stemming from the generosity of Neil and Mandy McRae. Below on the right is a photo from their event in April of 2018.

It's all status quo.

Like our events in Toronto, this initiative will have therapists onsite for assistance, and run from Friday to Sunday. Liaisons will be lending a hand as well to talk with families about the gaming opportunities offered at Replay FX 2019...and well...it is going to be REALLY wonderful to have this come to fruition.

This is an amazing accomplishment for both institutions. The Path of Play team is very grateful for the support that comes from ALL of their friends in the great city of Pittsburgh.





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