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Updated: Feb 21, 2019

On December 21st 2018, we took to the streaming waves of Twitch, with an impromptu

push-up/gaming marathon for Path of Play...and oh what a night it was!

It's all about the push-ups

Mike Primeau was not kidding when he said he would do a push-up for every $5


Strangely, most of the donations were on the large scale, and resulted in numerous "bonus" push-ups.

As a result, Mike will now be required to do 750 reps.

An announcement will be made when this exercise extravaganza happens...the rumour is that Mike's theme song will be "Macho Man".

The day was jam packed with a variety of gaming genres, including pinball, and classic arcade titles, all of which was broadcast live on the Path of Play Twitch channel, and can now be viewed in the video archives.

During the back half of the day, some of Mike's friends popped by to help him get across the finish line. A big thanks to Ryan Primeau, Nathan Couckuyt, Joe Ciaravino, Jon Parenas, and Kevin Chau for coming by.

Mike's autistic son Luke made a couple of appearances as well after the school day. The last six months has proven to be a key time for Luke, when it comes to his interactions with video games. He enjoys them immensely, while maintaining a healthy balance of other play experiences. He is getting to be very good at Mario Kart, but still resists fighting enemies head-on in games like Mario Odyssey.

The donation total at the end of the stream amounted to $680, until a fellow Toronto-area resident made a very generous contribution. Cy Burchell from Mississauga donated $1,300 after he found out about the project, which boosted the total to $2,000. We will have photo of the cheque presentation to share with everyone in the near future.

Finally, we would like to extend our thanks to well-known twitch streamer TimTheTatman, for hosting us during our marathon. Prior to his success on Twitch, he was a social worker for troubled teens. He gave us a huge boost during the day by putting our broadcast on his channel for a couple of hours. Thanks TIM!

And of course, our most heartfelt thanks to EVERYONE who made a contribution. We could not have had a successful event without your help.



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