Many of our supporters are not impacted directly by autism or other special needs. But, with our common passion for play we can all better understand neuro-diverse individuals who might respond to their social surroundings in a different way.


A life with  special needs situation is NOT always about trials and tribulation...but when it is, we hope we can serve these families through the hobbies we cherish.


In order to keep Path of Play strong, we need your help...and you can provide that help in a few small ways.




Our Facebook group is a central point for information and updates.   It's where we exercise a great deal of transparency about this project, and by being a part of this community, you help this humanitarian initiative grow.  


The true lifeline of our fundraising initiatives within our public community is PATH OF PLAY DAY.


We know there are so many great charity initiatives out there, and because of that, we want our request for your financial support to be foreseeable, and reasonable.


The idea is simple...Path of Play Day happens on the last Saturday in April and the last Saturday in September, every year.  For either of these events (or both if you wish), you and your friends can plan a day of gaming together. 


Each gamer in your group has the option to make a single $20 donation (in US funds) before the event takes place. When Path of Play Day arrives, your group can post about your gameday on social media and use #PATHofPLAY.


HERE'S THE BEST PART - Everyone who registers for Path of Play Day will know how their donation was used.  In addition, the recipient of that support will be given the opportunity to write a note of thanks in return.  We believe this is more valuable to our supporters than physical gifts of appreciation, and we will make this an ongoing component of our work.  


During these two days in the calendar year, we will broadcast live from Toronto, Canada, sharing your posts with others who have joined this initiative.  It's a day of unity with gamers all around the world, as we institute our own way of letting the families we support to know that we are with them.


Our YouTube channel is a library of archived video.  Some of this content will be educational, and other segments will revisit some of the unexpected things that can happen when you stream live.


Having you as a follower helps others discover Path of Play more frequently.  So, if you can, please subscribe to these channels.


There are a few ways that you can volunteer some time to Path of Play.


1.  If you happen to see a Family Game Day Event happening near you, you can offer to be a gaming liaison for the attendees.  This means if you have a vast knowledge of pinball, for example, you can represent Path of Play as a person who shows families how the pinball machine works.  Or you might be a board game enthusiast who can easily teach a game like Loupin' Louie to families.  You are essentially there to help facilitate and make these families feel welcome.


2.  Becoming an ambassador is a way to help Path of Play make further connections in cities where we can grow.  You would be responsible for assisting in communicating with location sites for Family Game Days, Autism Therapy Centres, and gamers who may want to take on a liaison role at these events.


3. Offering some time to moderate our Twitch channel is very useful, as we need to ensure that everyone is respecting our code of conduct during our live broadcasts.


4. If you have a connection to the autism realm, you are welcome to inquire about writing a blog entry for our website.  Sharing your experience with our community is invaluable and we appreciate being able to bring these experiences to light.


5. SPREAD THE WORD - we ALWAYS have a deep appreciation for anyone in our community, willing to talk to others about Path of Play.  It gives this project an added foundation that keeps us growing.  If you have a podcast, a blog, or any other measure of media creation we are always delighted to speak with you as well.


We have seen in just the first couple of years of existence that when people discover their own passion about Path of Play, it gives a tremendous lift to this organization, and because of this, we are able to reach out to more families...and for that we say, THANK YOU.here

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